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  • BLOOMHAUS MELBOURNE Hydroponic Indoor Plant
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Ilumminated Hydroponic Indoor Plant

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Bring light and life to your home with this illuminated hydroponic indoor plant! This eye-catching, low-maintenance plant comes in a stylish glass vase with a built-in LED light, creating a beautiful glow to your living space. Perfect for any plant lover or as a unique gift!

The urge for perfection has disappeared, fortunately because plants grow and develop further in the water, making them personal botanical items in your home. Items that belong to you and your interior. Just what you like yourself!

The plants in water, also called hydroponics, are maintenance-friendly and therefore easy to care for. When you see that the water is almost empty, you can easily apply it again.

Please note plants will differ with availability but all gorgeous!

Caring for Hydroponics

  • A small layer of water in the glass, where only the roots are in, is sufficient.
  • Never put the plant itself under water, not even a piece of the stem really just the roots.
  • Also leave the top part of the roots free of water so that they can breathe.
  • The roots absorb the water as needed, so they regulate it themselves.
  • Never leave the plants without water, you can just top it up.